150: Matt Unthank: How to build BogeyProof Shoulders.

matt unthank

Today I am very excited to announce our guest; Matt Unthank. Matt is Director of Training and Education at Crossover Symmetry – a medically designed rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system engineered to enhance shoulder health and... More

149: Michael Manavian: Fueling for Performance

michael manavian

Today I am very excited to announce our guest; Michael Manavian. Commonly known as the Bodybuilding Golf Pro. Michael has dedicated his life to improving performance in many arenas.  Through his aspirations of becoming a professional golfer,... More

146: The Golfer’s Guide to Hydration

hydration for golf

Golf is hard.  And there are a lot of components that contribute to making it difficult.  Typically, in order to improve, we resort to working on our technique, getting in better shape, fighting off nagging injuries, or... More

145: Become a better ball striker with Adam Young

adam young

I’m super excited to bring Adam Young back on the show this week.  Adam has taught golf all over the world, has a best-selling book The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers, and now has created an... More

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