[What?Why?How?] Resistance Band Exercises For Golf

Golfers ask us all of the time…

What is the best exercise band workout?

What are the best exercises?

What is the best traveling workout?

Whether you’re on the road or simply don’t have access to your usual arsenal of gym equipment, the resistance band is an unbelievably effective way to get a real workout.

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Most people will just scrap their workout if they’re thrown out of their routine – it’s a great built-in excuse.

There is no better way to bring your momentum to a screeching halt, have a poor meal, a few extra drinks and get off track than skipping a workout.

But alas, there is hope.

The 6-Exercise Resistance Band Workout that you can take with you anywhere is going to keep you on track to play your best golf.

Make sure you watch the video above so you don’t fall into that trap and you’re doing the exercises properly for maximum benefit.  .

Here are the exercises:

Round 1
Standing Row

Round 2
Standing Press

Round 3
Rotation in Golf Posture
Paloff Press or Standing Rotation