[Video] The GREATEST Shoulder Exercise For Golfers

If you’re like most golfers, you’ve either personally had or have buddies who have had a shoulder issue at some point, or even chronically.

A severe enough rotator cuff injury will steal your season just like that – usually an 8-week minimum recovery time for surgery.

Working and strengthening your shoulders is one of those obvious things we know we need to do, but don’t always do it…it’s kind of like visiting the doctor for your annual check-up.

Well, it just got easier…

…whether you’re rehabbing your shoulder or strengthening it to stay injury-free, if you could only do one exercise, this is the one.

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We know you don’t want to miss any time on the course because of a shoulder injury, especially one that can be avoided.

And although you may have never heard of the Trap 3 Exercise, it is very often the factor that keeps you on the course.

In the video, Jeff will show you three variations of the exercise and exactly why you need to be doing them.

DISCLAIMER: This exercise is all about control, not how much weight you can put-up. Golfers aren’t bodybuilders.