273: How to Balance of Golf Specific & Basic Training, Most Common Bad Advice, Strong Lifts for a Golfer and more . . .

In today’s “Shouts from the Crowd” episode, Jeff and Tony once again to discuss topics related to golf and fitness including, long-time 18STRONG friend, Hayden Buckley’s Monday qualifying into the Honda Classic, several different topics on the Peter Kostis interview from No Laying Up digging into the future of golf broadcast on TV, gambling’s growing role in the sport which led us into our upcoming DraftKings event for the Players Championship, whether Patrick Reed is a good villain for the game of golf, and nutrition and Lenten resolutions.

Highlights from this Episode

  • The message Jeff received from Hayden Buckley about making the HONDA Classic and wishing him well on his second PGA Tour event.
  • How Tony’s fantasy golf game is fairing, and an update on the upcoming 18STRONG DraftKings group that will be kicking off with the Players Championship.
  • Discussion of the Peter Kostis interview on the No Laying Up podcast.
  • Patrick Reed: The infamy he has acquired in the game, picking apart some of the legitimate claims from speculation, and our thoughts on him.
  • Boiling down and simplifying our diet and what we eat to “Grade school nutrition,” the idea that for most of us, we don’t need a complicated answer to drastically shift our diet for the better and most times we already know what we need to cut out.
  • Tony and I discuss our Lenten resolutions (or similar endeavors) and how they will tie into our fitness and general health.

Shouts from the Crowd

  • What needs to happen in the world of golf for recreational players to start taking fitness more seriously as a way to improve without taking lessons, buying gear, etc. – Matt S.
  • How would you balance a regular weightlifting routine with a golf-specific routine? I enjoy regular weight training but also need some specific activation exercises for golf like hip stability and mobility. My thoughts would be 3 for regular weight training ( I m usually really basic and don’t spend more than 45 min in that routine) and 3 other days more golf-specific – Bradford
  • I would love to hear you break down the most common/dangerous bad advice you hear people give. – Aaron
  • What would you consider strong lifts for a golfer? – Adam
  • What’s one country you want to take a golf trip to?

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