371: BO WATSON & SHANNON SHUSKEY- How to Shoot Your Lifetime Low Score!

Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey of In the Zone Mental Training unravel the significant impact of mental coaching in conjunction with golf instruction. [fusebox_track_player url="https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/18strong/371_371__BO_WATSON__SHANNON_SHUSKEY-_How_to_Shoot_Your_Lifetime_Low_Score.mp3"]

370: RYAN DEGALE- More Golf, Less Pain. Can You Fix Your Back?

Ryan DeGale, an orthopedic spine specialist with a 17-year tenure in strength and conditioning, shares his wealth of knowledge on maintaining spine health, specially tailored for golfers. [fusebox_track_player url="https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/18strong/370_370__RYAN_DEGALE-_More_Golf_Less_Pain._Can_You_Fix_Your_Back_.mp3"]