John Ashworth [LINKSOUL]: Making Golf Cool Again [#248]

This week we have a pioneer in the world of golf, John Ashworth, of LINKSOUL. Our mission here at 18Strong is to not only bring you information on exercises, game improvements, and fitness, but also cool people and cool things going on in the things of golf and we have definitely tapped into that this week in our interview with.

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Should You Lower Your Expectations? [#247]

The title of this episode, “Should You Lower Your Expectations,” might sound a little negative at first. But once you understand how changing our expectations can provide a whole new outlook on who we are and what we do, I promise that by the end of this recording, you will appreciate how this alteration can lead to a more successful outcome.

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Michael Breed [From the Archive] | [#246]

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Michael Breed is one of the most notable personalities in golf. He previously hosted the number one golf instruction show on television, The Golf Fix. which aired on the Golf Channel for many years.

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Ben Wong | College Golf is at its Best [#242]

Today I am especially excited to have on our special guest, SMU Golfer and one of the top amateur golfers in the game, Ben Wong.

We had the chance to see a lot of Ben at the NCAA finals this past year (where he played his final match against Oklahoma State’s Victor Hovland who recently turned professional) and today we get to sit down with Ben to hear his journey from Hong Kong, to Beijing, and eventually landing in Texas.

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Rob Collins | The Future of Sweetens Cove [#241]

Rob Collins is the course designer, architect, and ultimately, the inspiration behind Sweetens Cove. If you haven’t heard of Sweetens Cove yet, you’re about to be introduced to the story of an incredible little 9-hole course near Chattanooga Tennessee (South Pittsburgh) that has taken the world of golf by storm.  But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for what many may simply think was an “overnight success.”

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Tom Coyne | Seeking Golf’s Greatest Experiences [#240]

Today I am especially excited to have on our special guest, Tom Coyne.

Tom is much more than a golf writer; yes, he’s written multiple best-selling golf books and has many contributions to golf publications, but I consider Tom a Golf Adventurer.

He’s a guy that loves the game so much and is willing to do the extremes when it comes to his journeys in golf and thanks to his willingness to do a deep dive into these crazy adventures, we all learn more about the heart, soul, and history of this game we love.

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